Brownwood News – On February 24-29, expect to see smoke rising south of Brownwood off FM 45 in the Camp Bowie area.

A prescribed burn of 3,800 acres is planned next week involving area fire departments and wildland firefighters from other parts of Texas.

Brown County Commissioners received an update on the plans Tuesday morning from Chris Weber, Chief of the Lake Dam Volunteer Fire Department.

“The reason we burn all that is we have an agreement with the National Guard that they allow us to train out there and we burn for them,” Weber said.  “We wanted to give you a heads up.  The dates will be February 24-29.  The 24th will be move-in day,” Weber said.  Task forces from Brownwood, burn crews from Bastrop and other areas will take part.  An estimated 40 personnel and lots of firefighting equipment will be used.  “It will be well contained and well controlled,” Weber said.

“We do appreciate you coming to the Court and informing us and, thereby, informing the public as to what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen, so, when they see all this smoke rising, they won’t panic,” said County Commissioner Gary Worley.